EarthTones: A Next Gen Mobile Platform For Global Musicians & Fans

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EarthTones: A Next-Gen Mobile Platform For Global Musicians & Fans

In an ever-evolving music streaming landscape, EarthTones emerges as a groundbreaking new global music platform and social network powered by blockchain. This innovative platform is designed to empower independent music creators and connect them with engaged fans on a global scale. With its leading-edge features and the introduction of JADE, a cryptocurrency backed by smart contracts, EarthTones is set to alter the music streaming landscape by eliminating middlemen and giving DIY artists career control like never before.

JADE: A Catalyst for Change:
JADE is more than just a cryptocurrency; it is an innovative new De-Fi system that alters the way global artists and fans will interact. By leveraging the blockchain, JADE eliminates the need for middlemen and enables direct fan-to-artist payments, artist ownership, data security and more. This breakthrough technology not only ensures artists receive fair compensation for their work but also empowers them by granting them full rights over their music. JADE brings a new energy to the music industry, fostering a vibrant ecosystem where artists and fans can thrive together worldwide.

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JADE Token Pre-Sale Details:

EarthTones is paving its road to launch with its JADE Token Pre-Sales, offering music enthusiasts and investors an opportunity to be part of the epic disruption – before the global public! The second phase, starting on July 28, 2023, offers a 40% bonus on a token sale price of $0.01. More information will be shared with the EarthTones Community shortly. (Find them on social media!)

EarthTones Global Music APP:

The heart of EarthTones is its’ mobile live-streaming APP, which enables DIY musicians to showcase their talents and engage with fans in real-time. With the EarthTones Mobile App, musicians can livestream unique content from any location, at any time. This mobile app offers dynamic engagement through interactive features such as peer messaging, community voting, and content sharing, fostering a sense of community among creators and fans.

Peer-to-peer payments are seamlessly integrated into the EarthTones platform, allowing fans to show their support by tipping and rewarding artists directly via Jade Tokens. These secure payments are instant and global, ensuring artists receive their rightful compensation without delays or unnecessary intermediaries. Jade Tokens will be able to be “cashed out” into various fiat or converted into other cryptocurrencies

Ownership and Control:
One of the most significant advantages of EarthTones is that it empowers musicians by granting them full control and ownership over their music. Artists retain 100% of their music rights, publishing rights, digital data, and uploaded content. This unprecedented level of control allows artists to shape their own careers and build direct connections with a global fan base, without compromising their creative freedom or financial potential.

EarthTones represents a paradigm shift in the DIY online music landscape. By harnessing the power of blockchain and introducing JADE, this innovative platform connects artists and global fans on a deeper level while removing the barriers imposed by traditional record companies. With its mobile lives-streaming capabilities, interactive social network, and peer-to-peer payment system, EarthTones is paving the way for a new era of global music engagement and ownership! As the next-gen mobile concert app powered by blockchain, EarthTones embraces the true essence of live music, empowering artists to pursue their passions and enabling fans to support their favourite musicians directly.

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