EarthTones Music App & JADE Token: Revolutionizing the Music Industry in 2024

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EarthTones Music App & JADE Token

The music industry has long been marred by exploitation and predatory practices. Record labels wielded immense control, determining which music and artists gained popularity. However, the blockchain revolution, coupled with a groundbreaking cryptocurrency, is set to disrupt these age-old foundations.

EarthTones’ Global Music App and JADE Token: Empowering Independent Musicians

EarthTones introduces a revolutionary global music app, paired with its native JADE Token, aiming to give independent musicians genuine control over their music and a personal voice to connect with fans globally. JADE is set to redefine the landscape for fans, offering an unparalleled way to connect, earn, support, engage, and enjoy new music and their favourite global bands.

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EarthTones App: Your Mobile Concert Ticket and Global Live Venue

EarthTones App acts’ as a mobile concert ticket and global live venue rolled into one. Independent musicians enjoy global exposure by live streaming shows and behind-the-scenes content while retaining complete ownership of their music and data. Global fans can effortlessly tune in, enjoy live offerings in HD, 4k, and beyond, and interact in real-time with the community, spreading the word about upcoming events.

JADE Token: Disrupting Transactions and Fostering Direct Connections

The true disruption comes with the JADE Token, built upon the ERC20 and easily transferable to other crypto or fiat currencies. Behind every transaction on the network, JADE adds another layer of direct connection and freedom. Musicians can receive real-time tips from fans, while fans earn monetary rewards for their support and engagement.

The image of the under-resourced (‘starving’) musician has persisted for decades. EarthTones aims to change this narrative by providing DIY artists with a direct way to support themselves doing what they love.

EarthTones App & JADE Token
EarthTones App & JADE Token

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Applying Kevin Kelly’s ‘1000 True Fans’ Theory

If we take a look at Kevin Kelly’s theory of “1000 True Fans” and apply it to the new world envisioned by EarthTones we see a true path to not only sustainability but to potential-greatness for skilled everyday musicians. Kelly’s theory states: “A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftspeople, performer, animator, designer, video maker, or author – in other words, anyone producing works of art – needs to acquire only 1000 True Fans to make a living”.

At inception, the value of a JADE Token is $0.01, pegged to USD, with massive room to evolve. EarthTones and the JADE Token provide realistic opportunities for independent musicians to capitalize on their talent and digital catalog for years to come.

Join the Music Revolution with EarthTones and JADE Token

EarthTones is on a mission to give exposure, career control, and full ownership to independent creative musicians. The JADE Token emerges as the next-gen currency for global independent musicians and music lovers worldwide. As the live music sector faced an unprecedented halt in 2020, EarthTones and the JADE Token are poised to bring independent music roaring back, ushering in a new age of DIY mobile streaming.

The JADE Token presale is set for is ongoing. Stay updated by following EarthTones on LinkedIn. and on X (Formerly Twitter) For more details, explore EarthTones and JADE’s Whitepaper here.

Watch our explainer video below.

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  1. This is one of the most creative solutions to the complex disputes between music labels and artistes in respect to owning their bodies of work as well as earning their due royalties. The advantages Earthtones music app and Jade token present can be seen as a lasting solution to this problem in the sense that it creates control over content, direct fan connection, revenue generation, fair compensation, decentralization, global reach, data ownership, innovative monetization, community support, and finally adaptability. Overall, the platform not only empowers musicians creatively but also provides them with the tools to navigate the evolving landscape of the music industry to foster sustainability and growth.

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