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SpaceCatch Game Completes First Token Presale Phase

SpaceCatch Game announced on Nov. 28, that the first phase of its CATCH token presale ended, with $600,000 raised in just a few days. The project aims to raise $2,200,000 during its presale event to improve its VR, AR, P2E, and M2E-based game.

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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

SpaceCatch, a crypto project focusing on blockchain gaming, AR (Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality), announced that it completed the first round of its token presale event. The announcement was made on Nov. 28 on SpaceCatch’s X (Twitter) account.

According to the announcement, SpaceCatch managed to raise $600,000 during the first stage of the presale, with a final goal of $2,200,000. At the moment of writing, $624,433 was raised, with the 2nd public round being active.

SpaceCatch is living proof that only good things can happen when a project builds a big and engaged community around its product. In just 2 weeks of token presale, the SpaceCatch team achieved a milestone for its project.

The most intriguing fact is that the last $100,000 was raised in less than 12 hours before the first round ended. This is what happens when you can rely on your community and when the community members truly believe in your project and are willing to help it grow no matter what.

Currently, SpaceCatch game has launched the 2nd round of the token presale event, and users are allowed to purchase CATCH tokens for a set price of $0.08. The CATCH tokens can be purchased with Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Visa, and Mastercard.

Spacecatch Roadmap
Spacecatch Roadmap

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The Universe that Keeps on Surprising Users

SpaceCatch is in to keep its users as intrigued and engaged as possible. With the gameplay it provides and the bonuses and special contests it organizes, it is a sure thing that SpaceCatch focuses on becoming one of the top crypto games on the market.

However, the SpaceCatch universe is so complex that users need the project to welcome them properly into the world it developed. So, SpaceCatch worked on a new trailer explaining its game and why it is so special.

The trailer is the perfect way to enter the SpaceCatch world, showing how players become part of it and how the world around them carefully and seamlessly mixes with SpaceCatch characters and other game details. The trailer keeps users engaged and shows them the magic that SpaceCatch will bring into their lives.

About SpaceCatch Game

SpaceCatch game combines multiple technologies and game models to create one of the most intriguing blockchain-based games ever developed. With a focus on AR and VR, SpaceCatch has created a universe with a truly intriguing story.

In SpaceCatch, aliens invaded our world, and the players (Catchers) have the main mission of reestablishing peace on Earth. The aliens have various powers, and although they are hard to catch, players can improve their abilities to compete with them.

SpaceCatch uses 2 game models: P2E (Play-to-Earn) and M2E (Move-to-Earn). Each of them challenges users to become part of the SpaceCatch universe to get to know the aliens threatening Earth. Furthermore, in the M2E game mode, users can discover the power of AR by exploring the SpaceCatch world carefully combined with real-life details and surroundings.

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About SpaceCatch NFTs

SpaceCatch NFTs are diverse in range, non-inflationary and inflationary, to fuel player interactions and avatar upgrades. The game features two primary categories of NFTs: non-inflationary, exemplified by the exclusive Genesis NFTs, and inflationary NFTs, such as in-game Boosters.
The first 500 out of 10,000 NFTs were sold out within 33 seconds. The next NFT sale is planned for Q1 2024. In 2023, the only way to secure a place in SpaceCatch’s success is through the token sale. Purchase your $CATCH tokens before the price increases or the rounds are sold out!

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