2024 Gamification: DappRadar Quest

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Discover, try and connect with new, existing and upcoming dapps with DappRadar Quest.

DappRadar is beyond excited to introduce Quests as our first gamification product that enhances dapp discovery and rewards participation. Everybody with a DappRadar account and a connected crypto wallet can participate in Quests, while some Quests are exclusive to DappRadar PRO members. 

For more than 5 years DappRadar has been the home for every dapp on the market. We now track over 15,000 dapps in every product category across more than 55 blockchain ecosystems. Daily we add new dapps, new NFT collections and new chains.

With Quests we create a streamlined experience for anybody to discover or market a dapp. Quests allow dapp developers to attract a targeted audience, while Web3 explorers can discover and engage with new and existing products. All are aligned and incentivized through a powerful reward system.

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Among the first Quest partners, you will find:

  • Coin Engineer – the leading cryptocurrency education hub from Türkiye, locally known as Coin Muhendisi
  • ApeBond – the most innovative DeFi hub on BNB Chain that has become a household brand
  • Medieval Empires – a captivating multiplayer blockchain strategy game built on Polygon

And there’s a lot more to come!

Gamification on DappRadar

The introduction of Quests also unlocks the first stage of our gamification platform. By participating in Quests, users earn rewards as well as XP to level up their accounts. This will build your reputation within the community, and you can become a leader in various product categories. There’s currently a cap at level 30, and we will have a reward waiting for those who reach level 30 at the end of the season.

When participating in Quests, users will link their social media accounts and wallet addresses. These quests can tap into actions on social media, but also on-chain actions. Initially, Quests supports on-chain actions, such as acquiring certain assets. Over time, more on-chain and off-chain actions will be supported, either by DappRadar or by partners launching the quest.

Levelling up your account through Quests can also unlock new opportunities for DappRadar users. As their account level increases, it can unlock more exclusive Quests. Gamification will not be limited to Quests, and DappRadar is committed to add more. This will for example enable users with higher levels to contribute and curate content on DappRadar, and participate in the Contribute2Earn economy.

Dappradar Gamification Quest
Dappradar Gamification Quest

Benefits for PRO members

Amongst the list of quests, some will be exclusive to DappRadar PRO members. This is one of various benefits coming to the PRO membership through Quests. Alongside the PRO exclusive quests, other potential future benefits include additional quest functionality, increased rewards and so on.

DappRadar is determined to make the PRO membership worth it for every enthusiastic Web3 user. DappRadar PRO already gives users access to more data points, filter options, and the ability to download CSV files. Within Quests these PRO members will receive even more benefits.

How to create DappRadar Quests?

Anybody will be able to launch a Quest shortly, but with this initial launch, we keep things close to our chest. Developers, DAOs and other organizations wishing to create some quest can apply to do so. They simply need to fill in a form, after which DappRadar selects the right candidates for our launch period.

By signing up for the Quests, you will receive email communication from us whenever we open up Quests to everybody.

How to participate in a Quest?

To join a Quest on DappRadar, you will have to make a DappRadar account with a connected wallet. Once both are confirmed, you can then go to the Quests page and start discovering and participating.

To participate, you will initially need to go through some steps that include linking your X, Telegram and Discord accounts. After that, all other Quests will open up. Furthermore, some quests will be only available to PRO members. Now, let’s go through this step by step:

  1. Make an account on DappRadar
  2. Connect a wallet
  3. Join the first Quest to link your social media accounts
  4. Consider becoming a PRO member
  5. And now join all other available Quests from our partners


With 7+ years in blockchain, I lead teams to implement tech solutions. As Creative Sound Director at SpaceCatch, I drive web3 innovation for artists. Simultaneously, as Board Advisor and Investor Relations Manager at EarthTones, I leverage blockchain and gamification to enhance global music experiences. My role involves utilizing digital marketing strategy and transformation expertise, market research, and analysis skills to maintain strong investor relationships, identify opportunities, and contribute to successful fundraising efforts. My goal is to empower artists within the web3 and NFT space, driving innovation and maximizing their potential.