Top 10 Best Upcoming Crypto Airdrops

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The best opportunities to get free crypto this year through upcoming token airdrops

Crypto airdrops provide a way for projects to attract new users by distributing tokens in exchange for customer activity and loyalty. To become eligible and successfully participate in airdrops, you need to be there early and know what requirements to meet. Read on to find out the best upcoming crypto airdrops to keep in mind.


What are crypto airdrops?

Crypto airdrops are a means by which a company distributes its tokens to the wallets of certain users, usually completely free of charge. Watch the video below for more insights:

Did you miss out on retroactive airdrops where early users have been airdropped a ton of free tokens?

Keep reading and you will find a list of promising decentralized DeFi protocols and platforms that have either confirmed airdrops or have great potential for it.

What you should know before airdrop hunting

The article below lists potential airdrops that have a varying degree of certainty of taking place.

If there are any airdrops in this list that you want to take part in, go directly to the platforms, research what they’re doing and decide how likely you think it will be that an airdrop is forthcoming.

What are the best upcoming crypto airdrops?

1. zkSync – ZKS crypto token airdrop

Zksync Era token crypto airdrops

Zero-knowledge cryptography became a hot topic in 2023. Not only Polygon and Starknet use it, but also zkSync Era. This Layer-2 rollup on Ethereum emerged as a promising game changer that would push Ethereum towards mass adoption.

While zkSync lacks notable names, they do have the benefit of being EVM-compatible. This means you will get to access the zkSync environment through MetaMask or other standard Ethereum Web3 wallets.

zkSync Era opened its network for smart contract deployment in February 2023 and integrated with DappRadar in September of the same year. You can check the Top zkSync Era Dapps on our Rankings.

Potential ZKS airdrop criteria

  • Use different bridges to move ETH over the zkSync
  • The number of transactions used on the network
  • Provide liquidity on a leading DEX
  • Trade tokens, create trading volume over a period of time
  • Interact with different dApps over a period of time
  • Purchase, mint or trade one or more NFTs

2. FriendTech

FriendTech Keys Shares SoFi

Making waves in the Web3 ecosystem, FriendTech has established itself as a promising project to watch. Launched in August 2023, FriendTech combines social media dynamics with the vast world of blockchain technology, offering users a platform to connect and invest in whomever they want. The unique blend facilitates engagement and has contributed to its success since its inception.

As we approach the end of 2023, there’s heightened buzz surrounding a potential token airdrop by FriendTech. This speculation is largely driven by the platform’s unique “3,3” incentive mechanism, which rewards users for their active engagement. Such incentives have been pivotal in driving growth for the decentralized app, and the anticipated airdrop is only expected to further boost its appeal among crypto enthusiasts.

Potential FriendTech token airdrop criteria:

  • Active engagement in buying or selling keys to access specific content or chat rooms
  • Regular participation in the ‘3,3’ dynamics through staking, bonding, or selling tokens
  • Involvement in high-demand key transactions, elevating their overall value
  • Consistent activity on FriendTech, buoyed by the airdrop rumors

3. LayerZero – ZRO crypto token airdrop

LayerZero crypto token airdrops

The interoperability protocol on Omnichain LayerZero facilitates communication between chains through Oracle technology far more efficiently than bridges.

While the ZRO token airdrop is highly anticipated, it has not yet been confirmed. There are, however, ways to prepare yourself to be eligible for it when it comes.

Potential ZRO airdrop criteria

  • Number of transactions used to bridge tokens between different chains
  • Total value of tokens bridged
  • Number of source chains and destination chains
  • Amount of active days, weeks and months
  • Date of your first transaction through LayerZero
  • Use DeFi dapps such as Stargate Finance that utilize LayerZero

4. StarkNet – STRK token airdrop

StarkNet crypto token airdrop for STRK

StarkNet is one of the biggest players in scaling Ethereum. Developed by StarkWare, StarkNet is a Layer-2 zero-knowledge rollup scaling solution. They have already confirmed the STRK token, but there are no details yet on the eligibility.

StarkWare worked on StarkEx as well, a scaling solution used by the fantasy sports platform Sorare, the gaming platform Immutable X and the DeFi platform dYdX. Starknet mainnet went live in November 2022, and savvy airdrop hunters have already deposited millions onto the StarkNet network.

In September 2023, a sudden spike in StarkNet activity was observed due to rumors about its STRK token. A short-lived article from Braavos, a leading Starknet wallet service, fueled this uptick. Though the article was quickly deleted, it unveiled the upcoming release of the eagerly awaited STRK token.

Potential STRK airdrop criteria

  • Get a StarkNet wallet, like Braavos or Argent X
  • Use Orbiter Finance or Starkgate to bridge ETH from Ethereum to StarkNet
  • Provide liquidity or swap tokens on a DEX, for example, ZKEX
  • Influence and Loot Realms are some of the games on StarkNet

5. MetaMask – MASK token airdrop

MetaMask crypto token airdrop

MetaMask is one of the leading Web3 wallets used by millions of people to store, swap and stake their cryptocurrency.

Although the MetaMask team has hinted at the development of a MASK token in the past, no concrete plans or details have been revealed as of yet. However, this potential launch is definitely something to look forward to.

Potential MASK airdrop criteria

  • Swapping tokens within your MetaMask wallet
  • Using the MetaMask portfolio app
  • Interacting with dApps using MetaMask — Discover dApps
  • Use MetaMask across different blockchains — Learn how

6. Kuroro Beasts – KURO token airdrop

Kuroro Beasts: Battle with Self-Replicating Origins Beasts: 2023 - Avocado DAO

Kuroro Beasts is among the games in the Treasure DAO ecosystem, and players can acquire Origin Beasts which they can then stake. Staked Beasts make the holder accumulate points, which in turn make them eligible for the KURO token airdrop. In addition, players can play the game already to complete quests every day, which also makes them eligible for the KURO airdrop.

KURO airdrop criteria

  • Play Kuroro Beasts and level up your characters
  • Login daily to the game and do your daily quests
  • Stake your Kuroro Beasts NFTs

7. OpenSea – token airdrop

OpenSea token,. one of the most anticipated crypto airdrops

Will there ever be an OpenSea token? Maybe not. But with the action happening on Blur NFT marketplace and the ability to trade NFTs without fees, who knows? Moreover, since the OpenSea Pro launch in April 2023 brought up references to ‘community rewards’, airdrops seem to be directly involved.

Notably, rival Blur released its BLUR token earlier and brought a significant boost of activity to the platform. So OpenSea might be looking at ways to create an improved economy, and then a native token could be useful.

Potential OpenSea airdrop criteria

  • Buying NFTs from the OpenSea marketplace or OpenSea Pro
  • Listing NFTs for sale on OpenSea
  • Setting up your own smart contract through OpenSea
  • Customizing your own profile

8. Lens Protocol – LENS token airdrop

Lens token airdrop

One of the leading social dapps in the Web3 ecosystem is Lens Protocol. Users can acquire a .lens user name and then use this user account to interact with various social dapps.

Rumors surrounding an airdrop have been doing the rounds.

Potential LENS airdrop criteria

  • Get a Lens profile NFT, which you can buy on OpenSea
  • Post messages on Lenster using your profile
  • Follow other users with a Lens account
  • Explore features on social dapps built upon Lens Protocol

9. Linea

Linea crypto airdrop

The type-2 zero knowledge EVM Linea allows users to experience Ethereum security on a replicated environment as a rollup with much cheaper transactions. Meaning developers can build dapps as they would on the Ethereum mainnet, but with low transaction costs.

With over $725 million in investments, a Linea token airdrop could become a good opportunity for anyone in the space. However, ConsenSys has denied the arrival of a potential token, which would be something anybody would do to avoid people gaming the system.

Potential LINEA airdrop criteria

  • Start by adding Linea network to your MetaMask wallet (should be a standard option nowadays)
  • Request access to the Testnet and get started using dapps deployed on the network, such as UniSwap V3 and Lens Protocol
  • Participate in the Linea Voyage campaign on Galxe, with new challenges every week

10. Pixels – PIXEL token airdrop


The Pixels game on the Ronin Network already made a splash as hundred thousands of gamers are now playing the game to earn BERRY tokens. However, with PIXEL the ecosystem gets its governance token, and the team will distribute these based on activity.

Pixels land owners and VIP members will earn PIXEL through a Quest system, providing premium earnings on top of the existing BERRY layer.

Potential PIXEL airdrop criteria

  • Collect carnival tickets, the more tickets you have won the better
  • Participate in events, for example the upcoming Christmas event
  • Level up your account and use as many tools / features as possible
  • Collect resources, useful in the game and perhaps play a role in PIXEL distribution
  • Increase reputation, also other assets on Ronin Network could boost this

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The above does not constitute investment advice. The information given here is purely for informational purposes only. Please exercise due diligence and do your research.


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